Bitter truth.

Relationships are like buildings, it takes time, efforts, attention to build, paint and furnish to your taste, it also takes the same and more to maintain and despite all these can be torn down in less than a mintue; just like that and it’s like it never even existed, all you have are just memories.

One may wonder why it doesn’t take the same time it took to build to be destroyed, but that’s just life. Life is not always; give and take, in that you don’t always get what you give.

You give love, trust, loyalty, attention and what do you get in return cheat, lies and betrayal.

People who remain in toxic relationships are always seen as cowards who can’t see beyond their nose but these are actually people who have seen what they want and not willing to let go easily, that’s why they keep granting second chances always hoping it will be the last.

Bob Marley once said “Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for”.

Autumn Kohler also said ” when a relationship gets bad it’s like standing on a broken glass, if you stay you keep hurting? If you walk away you will hurt but eventually heal.

One would wonder why people still venture into this connection called relationship and others keep granting second chances even when it’s obvious it wont be the last.

Could it be that they enjoy being hurt by others? Could it be that they are just weak? Could it be that one can only really love one person, that’s why you keep fighting when you believe you finally found that person?

Well life itself is a risk and only the courageous get to live it to it’s fullest. Same as relationships, you just gotta put your self out there expecting the best but prepared for the worst.


After Graduation What Next?

Every year is always The Year for a lot of young people and even older people. Why? Because it’s the year they finally get to graduate, finally finish the four years course, five years course and so on.

And this year is no different, just the idea of being a graduate is overwhelming, the word graduation suddenly becomes so exciting to say, and theres the great anticipation to drop the pen of your last paper and finally scream out of joy.

And it’s actually scary to think but what if the whole graduating excitement is only stereotyped, yea what if it’s actually over hyped; I mean yes, I am a graduate but what next?

After the whole celebration, thanksgiving, shout for joy; what next? A lot of graduates, those who graduated a long time ago are not necessarily role models for undergraduates.

Graduation is just another step in life, and plans need to laid out and pertinent decisions has to be made.

Yea there is this unending joy when your own The Year finally arrives but truth be told the main joy lies in what plans you have when you graduate.

Are you going to sit at home and wait for the government to decide your life for you? or are you going to get innovative and creative and put your God’s given talent to use. Are going to look for who gives you money? or are you going to start making yours. Are you going to sit down and wait until you finally get posted? or are you going to get busy.

These are some of the questions and more you need to have answers to before the joy of finally graduating is complete. It’s not just about graduating but after that what next?

Mind Your Business

People remain unhappy and get wrinkled quickly because of the way they take other people’s matter and life style personal.

They are filled with rage probably due to the way this person dresses, the kind of job this person does, this person’s own belief, and many others, and this person in question might not even know they exist.

Yes you don’t approve of what this person does, move on and mind your business it’s their life after all, but no these people want to be noticed and heard by all means, they follow up on the person they claim they don’t approve of just to get more information to criticize on while that person is busy living life and making good use of their time.

You don’t like me cause I don’t talk to you, okay stay on your own and out of my way, but no you go to meet all my friends telling them how I don’t greet you and interact with you, and I am just here minding my business and staying healthy and you end up with wrinkles on your face cause you carrying irrelevant burden inside you.

You don’t like a person’s way of life, if you can have a talk with that person, advice the person, do what you can as a human being that you are, pray for the person but don’t kill yourself self for another person.

Like people will usually ask ‘Why you taking Panadol for another person’s headache’? Any body who is not willing to change won’t change no matter what you do. And if you keep pushing it, you end up losing your self.

Don’t bother yourself too much about other people’s lifestyle, come to terms with the fact that people are different and everybody can not conform to your own way of living.

Grace Of God

I was to travel to the village on the 21st of December 2018, and a cousin of mine who was already in the village called me a day before and is like ” Nk, have you made of your mind on when you are traveling and I said “yes I will be traveling tomorrow by the the Grace of God” and he said “you have not made up your mind or what” and I laughed and said “tomorrow by the Grace of God” and he concluded by saying “if you have made of your mind why still include by the Grace of God, what could possibly happen in one night”.

And this left me thinking at the fact that people don’t really understand the power of Grace from God. I might have decided to travel the next day but who knows what God decided; that’s why he is an unpredictable God, you just can’t know his plans. You ask him for this and he gives you something even better.

Grace of God is one thing we can’t do with out and should always pray for.

A lot, make the mistake of assuming little things is by their power. Any thing, change no matter how little is by the Grace of God .

You never ask why you are alive and healthy while some lie in the hospital bed, it’s not because you are better or holier than them, but it’s only by the grace of God. You sleep on a bed while some sleep on the hard ground.

It means more than you think for the Grace of God to be with you and in all you do. When the Grace of God is with you, you will see yourself going beyond your expectations, excelling more than your mates.

Remember to always pray and ask God for his Grace.

Happy Sunday and a very favourable week ahead.

Relationship Talk❤️

Relationships can be beautiful and cute, everyone wants a person to talk to everyday, kisses and cuddles; yea that could really feel good.

But don’t make this a basis for your happiness, you don’t have to be in a relationship to be happy or depend on a relationship to find happiness and confidence.

If you lay your happiness on any human be it your partner, friends, children you are just going to be disappointed.

You need to learn to be happy and complete on your own, this way you don’t jump into a relationship for the wrong reasons and end up taken for granted.

Relationships are also meant to give you joy and peace, but only when you have found joy and peace with yourself.

If you looking for someone who is going to make you feel worthy and useful, you are only a half being waiting for another to complete you.

This way you confuse yourself and open your heart to everyone and give it your all just because you need to feel complete and alive again.

When finally in a relationship you end up expecting too much and draining up that person cause you trying to complete yourself.

There nothing wrong with loving yourself, buying gifts for yourself and taking good care of yourself; this way you know your worth and can’t settle for less.

You need to work on yourself and be matured and stable in most aspects of your life before letting another in.

Find yourself before finding another.


Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes, what our celebrities are up to when not in the lime light, or what goes on behind closed doors?

Life is like an exam, and everybody has different question papers. The mistake most people make is when they try to copy someone else.

The fact that a couple displays love publicly, showing off how much in love they are, is not always all there is to it.

Don’t be deceived, that couple could be going through some tough times, everybody and every marriage goes through tough times but they often don’t show it.

They won’t display their arguments and their fights because they want you thinking they live a perfect life.

The rich and famous these days suffer in their marriages, they also go through unthinkable things alone but they would rather die in silence than reveal it, or tell someone about it.

A lady has a good job, drives a big car, lives in her own house and its assumed ‘oh her life must be perfect with a car like that and a job that good she must be living her dream life’.

But nobody knows how she got that job, and what she does to keep it, or if she has a habit she is trying to stop.

Even big companies with respectable reputations, shouldn’t be envied because only those on the inside know what actually goes on and know what it’s all about.

What is done behind closed door defines ones true personality, not all we perceive is what it seems.

Never compare your life to that of another, the best things in life take time and is better appreciated, do it you how best you can, be unique at whatever you do and never give up.


Wanting to be alone most of the time is not a problem. Wanting your own space and privacy is acceptable. Being moody and getting irritated for just no cause is still okay.

Feeling neglected and alone because the few you call friends are not that much of a friend all the time is also not a problem. Still loving the one who hurt you does not have to be explained to anyone.

Being opinionated does necessarily mean you are rude. Selecting friends and those you want around you does not make you a difficult person.

Wanting only few friends does not make you a sadist. Wanting no friends at all, does not also mean you are a sadist.

Not being part does not make you weird. Just because your own way of life is not accepted by people does not make it wrong or weird. Just because everybody is doing it does not make it right.

That people surround themselves around and you feel popular does not mean you are loved and does not guarantee a ticket of help in time of need.

Expressing your self by crying most of the time does not mean you are weak. Finding tears even when the worst happened does not mean you are insensitive.

Financial balance as a basis for a relationship does not make you materialistic. Seeking for more than you already have does not make you ungrateful.

A young mind with big dreams does not mean you are over ambitious.

Some things can not just be explained I guess.